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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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is. >> tonight at 9:00. breaking news. right before the nfc championship game. san francisco forty-niner accused of sexual assault. >> also tonight. what happened inside the building as workers are taken hostage in algier. story people who made it out alive. and where are the waves? tonight the conditions we found at one of the world best surfing spot with renowned mavericks competition [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho
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♪ green giant >> live breaking news. >> that breaking news has to do with this man. forty-niner michael crabtree. tonight the
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wide receiver is reportedly under investigation. good evening. right before the nfc championship game sunday there are reports tonight that crabtree is under investigation for sexually assaulting a woman. incorporating to the san francisco chronicle police have interviewed the 49ers star wide receiver. let's go straight to sports anchor collin and what a bomb shell and again right before the gam game. >>reporter: it certainly is. we can only speculate at this point the sort of distraction it will be for the team. you are heading that the biggest game of the year. spot in the superbowl on the line and then you get this sort of news. this is video. crew shot less than an hour ago. team arriving at the hotel in atlanta. kind of see crabtree walking through right there as mentioned the san francisco police department is investigating alleges of sexual assault against the frainer wide receiver. special victim unit looking into an alleged assault in san francisco hotel early this past sunday morning just hours after crabtree caught 9 passes for 119 yards and 2 touch downs in 45-31 win
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over green bay. crabtree interviewed with his lawyer present. he fully cooperated. important to mention he was not detain. he was not arrested. and he agreed to make himself available to investigators in the future. less than half hour ago niners general manager trent released this statement we are awhich are of the alleys against michael and understand that he is fully cooperated with the authorities. 49ers take such matters very seriously. >> good news. from team standpoint no media access tomorrow what sovrment distraction wise they are on the road. first chance reporters have to talk to cb tree after sunday game in the locker room. that's if they even make him available in the locker room. they can get him in there hold the team in there for 15 minutes. crabtree out of there. >> professional football players but this certainly must be some kind of a distraction to the team i would think. >> i would think so especially we don't know when the rest of the team might have known about this. maybe it has been a couple days or maybe they are
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just finding out about it as we are. as they arrive in atlant atlanta. but one thing i weren't to mention about crabtree and sort of person. >> yes you have spoken with him a number of times. >> at least with the immediate y.very shy. very reserved. even i hope to verted at times. makes it hard for to us get to know the guy. most you approach in the locker engage new conversation. that's not what crabtree is leak. that's nothing against him. that's just the sort of person that he is. >> all right. smoo later on in spoyvrments new information tonight dealing with san francisco we learned that mirkarimi neighbor has filed defamation lawsuit stemming from the domestic violence case between the sheriff and his wife. that incident tack place open new year's eve of 2011. his wife alloweded her neighbor to videotape the bruised arm. madison reported the incident and mirkarimi suspended for months. the sheriff later pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and later instated
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but he criticized madison for contacting police and now is the subject of this civil suit. >> man convicted of killing ex girl friend working at the richmond san rafael bridge says he feels no remorse. 49-year-old nathan sentenced to death today for the murder of deborah ross and chuck everett n.2009 he shot the two at toll booth at the richmond san rafael bridge. he says he shot them because he thought they had become romantically involved. >> over seas now. hostage drama still playing out in algerian desert with americans attacked by terrorists with ties to al qaeda. here's secretary of state rbing. >> i spoing with the prime minister again this morning. i urged the utmost care be taken in the pro ex texas of the hostages. >> u.s. officials said algerian hostage situation. the army there is still trying to end the very dangerous show down that began early wednesday
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and tonight harrowing stories from those who manage to get out alive. martha has the story. >> we now know one american has been killed. family has been notified as the bloody assault intensifies. algerian forces are moving in trying to end this stand off with the terror group once and for all. >> deadly mission gas plant rippingd with explosive by the hostage tears not to mention all that gas. it's a dangerous mix. image tonight on arab tv of the carnage. numbers fluidment one report saying 12 hostages killed and more than a °of the terrorists. aside from the one american who was killed a small number of other americans believed to be at the facility are unaccounted for. but american officials send a strong message. >> those who would attack our
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country and our people will have no place to hide. >>reporter: once militant storm the can complex they smashed did you know the door of the residential building. in a hunt for americans and other foreigners. another witness described to the "new york times"terrorist shooting a european in the back while other hostages watched. steven mcfall of ire lapped reportedly described to his family how he escaped. kidnapper had him in a convoy of vehicle when the algerian army bombed him. the car was hit but in the chaos he made a run for it along with others. >> graduate to be out. pirjs other workers who managed to escape this terrible ordeal are now here in europe at military base or on their way in u.s. military aircraft but so many others are unaccounted for.
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this is news from rome. >> san jose and oakland international airport are rae moving those body scan that's produce a naked image of air travelers. x-ray scanners raised privacy concerns medley after they were introduced. congress issued an order either fix them or remove them by this june. tsa says the company that makes the scanners was not able to come up with a software fix to make the scanner comply with the congressional map date so away they go. >> let's talk about the weather for a second. it's beautiful outside but the water is a little treacherous on the ocean there. high surf advisory. sandhya is here to tell us what is going on. >> yes. we are talking about as well as that are very powerful coming our way right now i show you live doppler 7 hd and skies clear. few clouds off the coast lean but won't bouts. here's what we are concerned b.the waves will be building and there is a beach hazard statement for the entire coast line from the north bay coast to monterey bay. dangerous sneaker wave. stay
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away from the water edge and avoid slippery rock. beach hazard through saturday morning. beginning saturday 10:00 a.m. high surf advisory gets put up and runs until sunday at 4:00 p.m. they don't seem like a big deal at 3 feet but when the long as well as come they build and we are expecting northwest swell up to 20 feet. so large breaking waves and strong rip current are certainly a possibility. i'll be back with a full look at the weekend forecast and when we might see the potential for some rain. >> okay thanks very much. >> the waves are calm now but that is going to change as zappedia suggest. surf advisory produce pretty big waves particularly for the mavericks surf contest this weekend. it should give them some dramatically large waves to ride. tonight thomas explains how they can tell that those big rides are coming. >> this view from the pillar point show as fairly calm sale. this is mavericks area. this
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calm won't last long acing to jeff clark the founder of the world famous sevsh surfing competition. looking at satellite forecast model of the 20 to 30 foot swell xhpd to hit sunday. >> i can go 6 hours ahead and you cap see this start to move towards our coast. >>reporter: storm in japan 4 days ago away is what makes clark excited about sunday competition. >> they will put these guys on their edge. they will have to bring a game to surf these waves. >>reporter: last competent competition in 2010. 24 come here to compete in the magnificent event. unfortunately some wipe out spectacularly. >> this is a dream of mine since i was a boy and it's coming true. >>reporter: 30-year-old ben wilkinson competing first time this yeevrment he has been sur surfing since he was a toddler and now gets to surf with his hero. competition attracts tens of thousands of people but this year nobody gets to good out to the beach because of
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this wave washed ashore in 2010 wiping out and injuring more than a dozen people this year we have plans in place to limit the access to the beach. and just make ate safer environment for the spectator. >>reporter: in the parking lot of the hotel speck take tovrs able to watch competition live spectators expected for the event will bring an economic boost to half moon bay. she set up tawvr boat since nobody can two to the beach. >> i have left the smallest boats and they want the most money so you would have to pay 500 dollars. >>reporter: in princeton by the sea, 7 news. >> shawb good weekend for surfing down 30. much more to get to this friday night. new claims lance armstrong did not tell the the truth last night in his interview with oprah. mr. lies perhaps? >> plus mike is in atlanta and tonight he does a little realtime closed captioning provided by uscaptioning provided by uscaptioning company. íáf-
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>> up up away 49ers boarded the charter jet today in san jose. arrived in atlanta short time alaska. 49ers go through the final preparation tomorrow for sunday big nfc championship game. sunday winner goes on to the superbowl of course. abc 7 news reporter wayne spent the day with the frainers as they practiced in santa clara.
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>> time san francisco 49ers boarded their team plane this afternoon they had already put in a busy day by anyone standards. trying to keep to the a routine but everyone kno knows better. especially their young quarterback. >> i mean it's going to be the same routine we always do. just going to be in atlanta, not here. >>reporter: as if practicing for nfc championship game doesn't ahead just a bit more intensity, as if forty-niner faithful always arrive outside team head quarter at 6:45 this morning. they did. tailgate party of 4. >> 6 now. join us. >> capernic. >> after last weekend triumph against green bay the niners gained some respect again. since the record breaking win quarterback caperneck appeared on the cover of "sports illustrated". niners new darling. the coach unphased. >> people said is in things about us. that's nice. cover "sports illustrated". very
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nice thing. says very nice thing about our team. put in the frame put it up on the wal wall. something nice about you but doesn't change anything about what our job is. >> today that job was packingment and preparing. and if you believe in good omen, here's a weird one. during locker room interview i learned that center jonathan gwynn has a cough. bad cough or maybe a good cough if you have a superstitious cough. >> excuse me. >> he doesn't have the flu dos dose. >> no. i have had this cough for 3 weeks. i can't get rid of it. sorry. >> clearly. >> keep the cough maybe it's good luck. >> ever since i had it we win so hopefully. >> keep the cough another couple week. >> if need be. >> you heard it here first. john harbaugh who coaches the rave whons will be playing for the afc championship this weekend have they discussed the
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possibility of possibly facing each other in the superbowl? again long answer from coach harbaugh he said. >> no. from san jose, abc 7 news. >> now abc 7 news sports reporter mike already in atlanta and he spent the day doing a little capernecking. >> 1 2, 3. >> atlanta prepares to host the 49ers in sunday nfc title game not only 2 different teams, we have 2 different touch down celebrations. dirty bird made popular back in the 90's in atlanta. falcons t.the bird. >> can you do the dirty bird for us. give me a little sample. lick. that you know. >> you remember the dirty bird. >> yes. >>reporter: could you do it. i could not do it but i do have the cd at home. >> i don't know how it goes. could you nrp around like a chicken but i don't think that's the dirty bird. >> while the 49ers latest touch downed trend is capernecking.
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do you know what capernecking is. >> no i don't. is that a danc dance. >> when he does anything successful he likes to kiss his bicep. could you caperneck for us e.okay let's see. pull this up. that would be your forear forearm. do you think maybe he is doing a lot of capernecking against the falcons. >> no. i don't think so. i think we have a game plan. we'll stop him. >> you must be taking some grief being a forty-niner fan with this game coming up against the falcons. >> definitely have been. i almost got jumped in the lunch room but that being the case i still wore my frainer hat and lacking for caperneck to bring it home for us. >> maybe do a little capernec capernecking for us. can you do it. >> sure. there you have it. let's hope collin is doing a the lo of capernecking sunday against the falcons. reporting in atlanta, abc 7 news. >> sunday game will be played at the georgia dome in atlanta.
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more than 70,000 people will pack the stadium. bunch up in seats and jostling for food. good view time. as flu season heats up as many as 20,000 americans get sick, stadium can be a good place to get sick. do the math. that means a lot of potentially infected football fans. look at the danger zone if somebody sneeze sneezes. drop let can spread 6 feet in packed crowd. more than a dozen people could be in harm way as a result. and the risk is the greatest from the smallest among us. child sneesz cap spread millions of virus particle 10 times more than an adult because adults have a more developed immune system. and tonight the center for disease control declared the flu outbreak epidemic an says it has now spread to california. >> tonight flu clinic at washington hospital in fremont is hoping to stop the flu dead in its track. more tonight from 7 news reporter nick smit
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smith. 4-year-old sophia is not having a good time. watch her squirm and wiggle and hear her scream. but in the end she got her flu shot. flu epidemic begin and spread to adults from younger children. this clinic washington hospital in fremont is one of many working to stop the spread of the flu. >> this is the worst stranded they have seen in a long time. >>reporter: rumor about the virus. >> i text add few girlfriend asked if they got the flu shot before i came if here. i don't get it i don't want to get sic sick. he have time you get it you get sick but it's worse if you get the flu. >>reporter: officials say the flu season is especially severe. children are particularly vulnerable. today the cdc reported 9 pediatric death in the second week of january. >> flu starts in fall and goes to early spring but squan and february are actually the worst months for the flu. >>reporter: of the more than 12,000 specimen tested and
9:21 pm
reported to the cdc 29 percent positive for the flu. dr. dr. adams says pneumonia and flu death are above the threshold and cause for concern. >> last year we weren't that the level so we are seeing higher number of cases than usual. and ichltd cause for alaivrment is for concern and great reason to go out and get the flu vaccine. >>reporter: the report show the flu is also hitting the elderly hard. nearly half of those hospitalized because of the flu were over the age of 6 65. she says she has no plans to be among those getting sick. >> weather is so cold and we want to make sure we didn't get the flu. >> walgreens is one area drugstore. cc f vs another providing flu shots throughout the flu season. there are other places around the bay area where you can get the flu shot. for complete list go to our web site. we have it there at abc 7 this is 7
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news. >> go back and get the full accu-weather forecast. spencer is off. sandhya is here. >> yes dan. it's going to be one good looking weekend. check out live doppler 7 hd and skies are pretty clear. few cloud. not too far off the coast line but we are not expecting those to move in. high clouds are pretty much all moving through and out of here. 34 right now in fairfield. it's getting close to dew point which is measure of the moisture in the air. may see fog as we head natural morning hours. 40's around the north bay. parts of the east bay but check out the coast. in the mid 50's right now so it is going to be mild near the coas coast. rough surf this weekend. spare the air again tomorrow and we look at mild afternoon heading into next week. tomorrow morning make sure you have an extra layer on. it will be cold. temperatures bottoming out. 29 in fairfield. and santa rosa. 30 nap a.34 in vallejo. in the freezing zone at least for concord near freezing. 38 san jose. low to mid 40's around oakland san francisco. spare the air has been declared for
9:23 pm
your saturday. this will be the fourth consecutive spare the air for tomorrow. seventh of the season. poor air quality north bay. coast central bay we look at moderate air quality across the rest of the bay area. really need a strong wind to stir things up to get better air quality in here. not happening just yet. high pressure strong ridge dominating the pacific here. that will bring us some mild sunny weather of the weekend and heat ing into early next week but this is the storm that is generating the large long period swell so be careful throughout if you are going to head to the coast with weather lick this. 66 degrees tomorrow afternoon in half moon bay. 65 san francisco. 67 in santa rosa. head out to oakland fremont mid 60's. vallejo 64. fairfield 63. a little pit hazy at times. 62 antioch. 66 in sap jose. monterey bay mild conditions as well. 7000 in santa cruz. skein watsonville. 72 degrees in salinas. sure doesn't feel like winter. here's accu-weather 7 day
9:24 pm
forecast. mild pattern through the weekend and early next wee week. we will have a rough surf especially sunday. make sure you stay away from the edge of the coast line there. don't want to get too close especially with the big waves building. slight chance of rain. cooler weather. wednesday and again on friday daichbility but until then i ty bask if the sun and enjoy the weather. >> spring like. >> it did. temperatures well above normal. >> thank you very much. >> coming up. did lance armstrong help or hurt himself in his0 view with oprah? >> was he really telling the truth this time? that story next stay here with that story next stay here with
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>> lance armstrong admitted last night to oprah he used performance enhancing drug in winning many cycling competition but now new alleges
9:28 pm
that is armstrong is still not telling the whole truth. that story tonight from abc news reporter neal karl. >> lance armstrong goal in talking about open are was a shot at redemption, he may have just taken a big step backward. >> i view this situation as one big lie. that i repeat add lot of times. >>reporter: but federal investigators say even now he is still lying. one of the biggest armstrong told oprah he stopped doping in 2005. >> n transtrution, 2009 no doping or blood transfusio transfusions. >> no. >> the 2010. >> 09 and 10. those are the two years i did the tour. absolutely not. >>reporter: yet today investigators tell abc news that armstrong blood work from his 2009 tour de france shows clear blood manipulation consistent with banned transfusion. so why admit to some doping but not all? investigators say it's to keep within the statute of
9:29 pm
limitation forearm strong biggest fear. possible criminal charges. but even though he fessed up to cheating when it came to the human part, smearing people lick former friend betsy for revving to lie and sabotaging her husband's cycling career, many saw a lack of compassion that seemed bizarre at best. here's how he describe his apology to her. >> i said listen i called you crazy. i called you a bleep. i called you all these things. but i never called you fat. >> are you satisfied by anything you heard. >> no i'm not. i'm really disappointed. here i am i don't know if i'm stupid. willing to give him a second chance. but i think he blew i it. >>reporter: tonight arm strong lawyers will be considering that too and whether his words might come back to haunt him in court this is abc news new york. >> there is a lot more to come tonight at 9:00. show down over vigilant justice. san jose courtroom big turn out for
9:30 pm
both the man accused of killing a burglar and the man he killed. >> plus he loves it here. he's excited to come to school every day. >> justi. program that helps you beat the high cost of child care and more. >> from the world top expert on martin luther king jr. advice dr. king might have for president obama second term. you can't move the tv there.
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>> tension rise between 2 family on opposite sides of a vigilant justice murder case in san jose. faced off in court today. as david was there. >> the riccardo appeared briefly in court where he's facing charges of shooting and
9:34 pm
killing someone suspected of being responsible for a series of auto break-ins at summer breeze apartments. hernandez worked there as custody an and handy man. victim 30-year-old christopher. he was trying to hold him for police. the family and friends consider him a hero for helping to stop a crime wave. they said police response is slow and apartment complex didn't have its own security. private security firm is now watching the apartment complex. >> why now? is the owner providing security at this complex when we were told they couldn't afford it. but now they can afford it? have there been pro active this would never have happened. >> shooting may have created friction between the families. >> true that the family is getting threats. >> yes. >> family sat on separate sides of the cramp. just as the courtroom session was ending somebody came out of the courtroom saying someone was threatened inside. all of a sudden the deputy came racing out of the building trying to figure out what is going on. hernandez family quickly
9:35 pm
disappeared while the victim family stayed to vent their anger. victim family denied a threat was made. >> how can you say sobs is a hero when they take the law into their own hands. he had illegal gun for god sake and killed a man, father of 5 children. took my son away from me. >>reporter: district attorney office is proceeding to prosecute hernandez. issued a statement saying quote at the time of the shooting mr. hernandez had no legal excuse or justification for using deadly force on unarmed man. his family is looking for leniency. >> i think he deseven as second chance. >> hernandez being held in county far unable to raise 1 million dollars bail. he appears next in court in a month. in san jose, david, abc 7 news. >> on line safety cyberbullying were the lesson today for 5 55,000 students in san francisco. it's an important lesson given that 56 percent of kid today report being bullied. school district partner with
9:36 pm
common sense media to come up with 45 minute lesson that teaches kids good cybercitizenship. >> don't do this or don't do that. here's some great opportunities. here's potential peril. how do you think about what you are going to do. >> parents know what is going on on the internet? >> sometimes. not really. >>reporter: students also learn about on line privacy. so important today given the popularity of facebook and the instagram site among middle and high school students. >> now to program that helps working family in the east bay find child care. cocoa child care council is having to do more with less these days and we learned about this program at abc 7 listen event in concord. eric thomas has the story. >> it's about 9:30 in the morning and 4-year-old dominic is starring his day with a son song. saint michaels preschool
9:37 pm
in concord. 5 days of this per week cost 700 dollars month which his mom couldn't afford without help. >> you think about chilled care. i would be working just to pay my son's preschool. >>reporter: that's where the contra costa county child care council comes in. non-profit doesn't provide child care itself but it refers parents to places that do. whether care for the whole day or jaws few hours, thousands of parents got referrals last year. council also directs parents to places that provide everything from toilet training to housing to food assist taps. >> we assist between 5 and 10,000 family as year. actually find child care. we have something we call our child care fund that allows us to provide financial assistance to low income family. >>reporter: 1200 low income family like dominic actually get financial aid to pay for preschool or day care. another tough. the budget is 23 million dollars this year. mostly from corporate foundation and private donations. big chunk also
9:38 pm
comes from the government. but belt tight new england sacramento has cost the council 8 million dollars in state aid over the past two years. >> it has been very difficult. we have lost quite a bit of funding in the last few years. we have laid off about 40 percent of our work force and unfortunately the needs haven't changed. >>reporter: those needs cover more than just day care. young dominic needed work with language and fine motor skill. the instance conclusion program provide special instruction for that. >> he loves it here. excited to come to school every day. he has a really good relationship and me too personally with all the teachers here. >>reporter: but the waiting legislature to get that this sort of child care program grows longer and longer as the funding shrink. child care council is hoping the new state bump it will restore some of the money but in the mean time they are hoping the public will help with do nastys. >> i don't think that there is any work more important than improving the lives of young
9:39 pm
children. >>reporter: eric thomas abc 7 news. >> this year president obama inauguration falls on the martin luther king jr. holida holiday. mark matthews spoke with world most authority on d dr. king and the question. if they could have met what would the leader of the civil rights movement who was murdered in memphis have to say to president obama about guns and violence in our society. >> clay born carson 19 years old when he stood on the washington maul on hot august afternoon and listened to dr. king describe his dream for mivrjt one day. >>reporter: 4 years ago carson was back open the mall in the freezing cold. to watch barack obama take the oath of office. lake many involved in what he calls the movement he one derd what now. >> now that he has the power of the presidency, what is he going to do to bring king dream into reality. >>reporter: he believes dr. king would urge the president to take on the harder
9:40 pm
more complex issues. underlying gun violence. >> the problem of violence is not simply a problem of availability of guns. it's a climate of the culture. >>reporter: for king it was an issue of social justice. >> i think that what he would point out is that people don't kill other people when they have hope. >>reporter: king would certainly call for gun control says carson but he also called on all americans to see themselves as part of one community. >> when do white americans care as much about the death of a black child as a white child? you know. response of the nation had been the same if that had happened at a black school, i would hope so. but as we know, the death of blank children on daily weekly basis doesn't seem to gaern the same kind of attention. >>reporter: look no further than oakland. he points to dr dr. king message that injustice
9:41 pm
anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> he was saying that 50 years ago but now we have to believe that. because injustice in one place can lead to terrorism in another place. >>reporter: these are the things have to concern us for our own future said carson. his latest book is martin dream and today they held an open house at the mlk ns substitute on stanford campus. web said says they welcome visitors to see their collection of documents and photographs located in cypress hall. in the newsroom, 7 news. >> our come of the uling inauguration begins monday at 4 a.m. with special edition of good morning america. also live extremeing coverage at 7 starting at 6:30 monday morning. >> staying on the subject of president obama for another moment. up next. the face of change and president new portrait. >> also the public also seeing
9:42 pm
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> white house released president obama official portrait for his second term. first one on the left. he's smiling this time on the right unlike the first term portrait with a more serious expression. he's also showing a little more gray in his hair. white house photo was shot in the oval office back in december. >> and there is new portrait of britain queen elizabeth. old par trot but new to us. it's on display after being banned for half a century. 1952 painting was commissioned for the queen's coronation. but critic said it made her neck look weird sought painting was kept if public view. man who pintoed it conceived the artwork is a beautiful picture
9:46 pm
of a queen just not queen elizabeth. painting is being pulled out of storage for the queen's diamond jubilee the. not a terrific likeness obviously. >> interesting job is opening up at apple. company wants a writer to turn the virtual personal assistant into a recognizable character. >> size alaska. -- isaac what do you want to say to isaac? >> applicant need to have a love of language. sense of word play and experience in creating content. especially in a tech environment. so if you have equips, jokes and quick come backs apple would like to hear from you. >> come up. snow mobiling trip turns into race for survival. up next running an avalanche. you get the story avalanche. you get the story as 7
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>> watch this. mountain in wyoming and lone man in a snowmobile. then the snow gives way. watch this. friends taking pictures shout and watch terrified. he out runs the danger. lack at this. scary moment happened a year ago. video has just now been released. he got away. wow! >> heavenly mountain resort at lake tahoe opening giant half pipe tomorrow for the first time in 5 years. half pipe 18 feet high and 450 long. despite intimidating dimension the run is designed for all levels of experience. half pipe is inside high roller park one of heavenly mountain 3 terrain parks. opens tomorrow at "newsnight"and the only half pike right now on lake tahoe south shore. >> and musician apparently couldn't help himself when he recently he went home to lake tahoe. skiing down the slope he pulled out his trombone and
9:51 pm
began playing ride. ♪ [ playing trombone]. >> sort of one of those don't try this at home moment. clip gets a lot of play on you tube. >> all right. let's go back up to the weather forecast. sandhya is here. >> yes hi dan. look at live doppler 7 hd. other than a few high clouds sky pretty clear. we do have something to warn you about. item the dangerous sneaker wave. as well as are building. the entire coast line is under a beach hazard through saturday morning. beach hazard statement that is up. stay away from the water edge. avoid slippery rock. that high surf advisory tomorrow morning running to sunday afternoon. here's high for saturday under hazy sky. mild temperature palo alto, fremont, san jose, oakland 66 degrees. 64 in vallejo. 67
9:52 pm
santa rosa. clare make skid. half machine bay to concord it's up to 63 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast mild and sunny through the long holiday weekend including martin luther king jr. so if you have little ones head to the beach just be careful out there as you look at tuesday. a little cooler. wednesday friday slight chances of rain. so that may entering the picture again. >> okay thanks very much. >> all right. sports director larry biel is off. collin is sitting in tonight and talking about the big game and then all of a sudden the surprising news from the 49ers. >> focus just moves is that shifts. >> and not in a good way. this isn't the sort of news the 49ers wanted to be making less than 40 hours from kick off of the nfc championship game. star wide receiver crabtree
9:53 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. danger lurking along the shore this weekend. why authorities are so concerned about the conditions. we have live report. >> plus fast-food quarterback.
9:56 pm
best place for collin caperneck sighting and what you will see on his plate. that and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. fun side of the 49 that's we are following:collin here with something that came out of the blue today. >> it did. happened just after 7:00 o'clock we found out about this. we told you at the top of the newscast 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault that took place sunday morning if san francisco hotel. crabtree was not detained. nor arrested in aand told authorities he's available to investigators in the future. 49ers general manager trent released this statement in reresponsible. we are aware of the alleys against michael and understand he has fully cooperated with the thovrments 49ers take such matters have he seriously. first off. this is a major distraction heading into subpoenaed's game. maybe not. in media access to the team tomorrow which means media won't be a i believe to potentially talk to cb tree
9:57 pm
until after the game in the locker room. on sunday. turning our attention to the game itself and the guy created a fantastic rapport with crabtree collin he talked about picking football over baseballth sport in which avenues 2 time allstate pitcher in high school. >> just a passion about football that no other sport cap give you. i mean, to get 11 people doing everything at the same time toward the same goal take as lot of evident. a lot of hard work and something about being on the field. >> now the niner defense will have the tough task of stopping future hall of famer and tight end gonzalez. he's 36 years old which is ancient football years. but still playing like a college kid. >> when you watch the old kung-fu movie and see the guy with long beard. the toughest fateer is not usually the young guy. old guy around for a long time. so i figure i'm like that. because you see everything. you see he have
9:58 pm
kovrment you know the appearing el that a guy is come to get you. just out there doing my thing. >> ageless wonder. stanford hamell at any reunite with quarterback luck in indianapolis. today the colts hired hamilton as the offensive coordinator. he replaces bruce who left for the head job with the arizona cardinals. last time the warriors won in san antonio i was taking a mass media law ethic test. year 1997. i was in college. don't remember the grade. warrior play without curry second state game with the aching el injury. duncan pass ass round 3 warrior defender. led by 10 in the first here. neal corn he there. it's a 26-19 game. third quarter. golden state up. he had 22. yack starting if place of curry once again. 20 points 10 assist for jerrad. too much too late. a 5 point lead then parker doing what he
9:59 pm
does. team high 25. 28 straightlesss. san antonio. warriors 2 and 5 in january. women, welcome to this show. no. 6 stanford hosting ucla. spinning. scoring. taken in the first har half. junior with 40 second career double double 25 and 13 last check. cardinal cruising 63-46 late second half. hard to believe but the giants first full squad work out of spring training less than a month away and 4 key players including buster, man they happy when they arrive in arizona. they all avoid arbitration. 7 one year deal. national league mvp gets 8 million dollars. posey spent the day look that the hang out with yogi in new jersey. 8 million dollars and talk with the ledgeen. not aed about day. reverend cash


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